Plantopia: The Card Game

Plantopia was the number 1 trending Kickstarter project in the world!

Plantopia is a strategic card game where players harness their gardening abilities to contend for the coveted title of Plantopia’s Champion Gardener.

Join Potato and friends on their journey and enter the world of Plantopia, where you will manage a garden of unbe-LEAF-ably cute and quirky plants, and maximize their potential to grow the craziest garden on the planet!

Plantopia is based on the universe of Life of a Potato, a comic series about a little potato and its friends, spreading love, kindness and laughter around the world. It is a card game for 2-5 players and takes around 20 minutes to play (30 minutes if you're new!). You can find more information on our BGG site.

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of the plants - get ready for the countless strategies that await you on Plantopia. The game is designed by internationally acclaimed board game designer Daryl Chow (Overbooked, The Artemis Project, Remember Our Trip, Ramen Ink etc), whose designs revolve around a framework of simple rules to bring you a wealth of interesting choices.

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