you are super cute

you are super cute

Carrot has extremely important information to convey to you.

Carrot thinks you are super cute.

runs away while blushing and hides in a bush

You may have seen Potato's comic about insomnia on social media... but do you know the story behind that little red book? Read on to find out!

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That book

Storytime from Potato's creator~ Completely unrelated to the comic, but when I was 11, I took part in an Innovation Programme where we had to come up with an invention.

You know how in the pouring rain, even the biggest umbrella is basically useless? You still get soaked from all sides and end up trudging around miserably in damp socks for the rest of the day.

So I invented a 360 degree umbrella which was basically a normal umbrella, but you could attach a tall, transparent plastic sheet all around the umbrella with velcro to shield yourself from the rain from the sides. (See badly-drawn image below for visual purposes)

for Visualisation Purposes

I actually made a prototype and was very proud of the invention. However, the next year, I happened to come across a book "100 Useless Inventions" in a bookstore, and when I flipped open, I saw the same invention inside by a Japanese inventor! 不不不不不

I wasn't exactly sad or happy (apart from the disappointment to find out someone had invented the same thing, as I wanted to turn it into a business when I got older). While it was labelled useless, it was still noteworthy enough to be published in a book internationally, which was pretty good to me. 不不不不不

By the way, if you google "Full body umbrella" now, you'll see many iterations of the invention and some other intriguing designs too.

In case you're wondering, there is no moral to the story. XD

Potato would like to hear what you think about the 360 Umbrella. :3

Potato hopes you have a lovely weekend and remember to take care of yourself. Luff and hugs from Potato and friends!