A Powerful Potato

A Powerful Potato
This baby is more powerful than you think. You can download this wallpaper at the end of this post.

Baby Potato is a very powerful potato, and Baby Potato would like you to know that you are a powerful potato too. We may not be able to control some external factors, but we do have power over our mind. Our thoughts will shape the world around us.

Many of us potatoes are conditioned to have our mind filled with negative self-talk and worries about all the bad things that could happen. According to Cleveland Clinic, the average potato has 60,000 thoughts daily, 95% of these thoughts repeat every day, and 80% are negative thoughts!

Instead of letting the mind bring us down, Baby Potato would like to share tips to control our mind to use it as an effective tool for improvement and for good things to happen. You also get free wallpaper at the end of this post~

Challenge the Thought

Often, we let our mind carry us away and we believe have to follow every thought, examine it and understand it. But we all know that following negative thoughts is like being sucked into a never-ending black hole. We can control the mind and not the other way round. Next time you recognise a recurring negative thought surfacing, say: "I see you there, but I won't follow you."

Baby Potato's first advice to facing any negative thoughts is to challenge it- ask "Is this thought useful? Does this thought help my life positively?"

Replacing with Positive Affirmations

Our thoughts determine our well-being and our lives to a large extent. Our thoughts create our present and future. Right now, Baby Potato would like you to think of some positive affirmations that you could repeat to yourself daily. Here are some of Baby Potato's suggestions:

I am enough. I am already whole.

I accept who I am and approve of myself right now. I luff myself.

My health is getting better everyday. I am healthy and take good care of my body.

I attract good things, good people and good events. Good opportunities come to me at the right times.

The past has no power over me. I am willing to change. I choose to enjoy my life now.

I have full confidence in myself. I am driven and motivated.

I radiate luff, joy and peace. I give luff freely and receive lots of luff.

I am an awesome potato filled with luff and joy.

Recognise your own cuteness.

You can tailor your positive affirmations to your needs. For example, if you have trouble at work, try "I get along well with everyone I work with. My work is meaningful and enjoyable." If you are constantly stressed or tense, you could affirm yourself with "I am at ease. I trust the process of life. My body is relaxed. I feel no resistance and let life flow naturally." When thinking/saying these thoughts it is best if we try to believe the words even if it has not actually happened yet.

Potato is also going through this process and wanted to share these with you. Sometimes it is hard and the negative thoughts come back. When that happens, do not get angry with yourself- tell yourself this is all part of the journey, just like training a skill, we cannot expect perfection immediately. The fact that you are aware of the thoughts is already a big improvement.

Baby Potato hopes you will recognise your own powers and use the mind instead of being used by the mind. Potato has created a wallpaper of the powerful Baby Potato for you if you ever need a reminder! Download link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZNn87LAOOMAdYNuh7inxtB6FEZfGI7Bg


Luff and Power from Baby Potato!!! <3