Diaper Road

Diaper Road
they see me rollin'

Yes, a road made from diapers. Though it looks nothing like the photo above (a snapshot of a baby potato's vivid imagination), Wales has actually paved a road with more than 100,000 disposable nappies. Apparently, the nappies were rinsed, and the road does not look or smell like poop. It is a pilot project that attempts to reduce landfill waste. Quoting the Washington Post:

“You’re not sure what to expect when you turn up to a nappy road,” said Ben Lake, a politician who represents this area in Britain’s Parliament. But, taking a deep breath as he strolled alongside the freshly paved, still glistening road, he pronounced: “It smells like — road.”

As Earth Hour was on 26 March, Potato has done a cosplay of Earth.

We can do our part not just for our Earth but also for ourselves. Reducing unnecessary consumption (electricity, goods, not wasting food) will save us money! Buying less things will also lead to a clutter-free living space. When we buy food, always be grateful for all the hard work and lives that go into the meal, and order only the amount we will eat. Climate change is very real, but it is not too late if we all do our part now <3

Potato can't believe March is almost over. That means... April Fools is coming!! Mushroom is very wary.

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