Fear the Shroom of Doom!

Hello Halloween! Here's a post of not-scary scares.

Fear the Shroom of Doom!

Potato and Mushroom are getting ready for Halloween!

Thank you so much for subscribing to Potato's newsletter! Potato prepared Halloween wallpaper just for you! A Desktop wallpaper (the top image) and a phone wallpaper below. Follow the Google Drive link to download your wallpapers and if you wish, a colouring page for some relaxing time! Scroll down for more Halloween fun with Potato and friends.

Halloween Potato - Google Drive
A not-scary Halloween wallpaper for your phone.
This ghost is not very scary.
Even if you didn't, please tell Mushroom you got scared!
A cutie pie has been watching you intensely.

Tomato and Orange definitely bag the prize for the sneakiest costumes- no one even noticed!

Orange and Tomato cosplay as each other.
Cheese faces its greatest fear.

Lastly, enjoy a not-scary scare from these GIFs of Potato and friends! (Unfortunately the Newsletter Potato seems to have taken a huge bite of the  GIFs and they may not display properly on email newsletter, but you can click the links to view and use the GIFs)





Potato hopes this update has BOOsted your spirits! Boo!