*hides in a hole from embarrassment*

Potato and Mushroom are dressed up for Christmas! Also, Potato is about to hide in a hole from embarrassment.

*hides in a hole from embarrassment*
Why is Potato still wearing its Halloween costume..?

Hello fellow Potatoes! (oo, that rhymed) Potato and Mushroom have their own Rudolph noses, antlers and little mittens! Mushroom has also designed its own cap for Christmas. Did you know that Mushroom wants to be a fashion designer?

That's the spirit, Potato!

Also... Potato made a silly mistake in last week's post! Potato was too tired, Potato didn't notice the last day of December (31st) in the Desktop and Mobile calendar wallpaper was omitted accidentally! You can download the correct version in the same Drive link below. In the meantime, Potato will proceed to hide in a hole from embarrassment. extremepotatoshyblush

Then again, we all have our own share of embarrassing moments in life, so hopefully Potato will realise it is not alone and re-emerge from hiding soon.

Dec2021 Calendars Wallpapers - Google Drive
*hides behind a bush but peeks to see who downloads*