Luff for you!

Luff for you!
Luff is for everyone, everyday!

Potato is here to give you a giant LUFF!

Luff comes in many forms, not just between potatoes in a romantic relationship. If you look closely, luff is everywhere! Luff for your family, friends, strangers, pets, plants and not forgetting self-luff- All these luffs are just as great too. When you say a kind word or give a compliment, that could make someone's day or pull them out of a dark time. The stranger on the train who gives up their seat for another potato who needs it more, giving way to someone on the road, donating to the animal shelter, checking in on a friend, listening sincerely to someone speak, washing the dishes or doing chores so your loved ones can have more rest- these little acts of luff matter just as much! Luff is for everyone, everyday, not just on one particular day a year.

"Everyone is trying to find the right potato, but no one is trying to be the right potato." If we are constantly seeking something external to complete us, be it another potato, wealth, fame- it may help to look within and luff ourselves first. If we cannot luff ourselves as we are, we will not feel at ease even if we get external elements to try to complete ourselves. We can reflect on what we can do to be kinder to ourselves and improve our well-being. Have you been getting enough nutrition and rest? Are you bringing yourself down with negative self-talk? Is there a skill you've always wanted to learn but keep putting off? Is there a toxic potato or situation you may need to distance yourself from? Is there any small improvement in your daily routine you could make- e.g. a 5 min walk or stretch daily, a paragraph of journalling at night to reflect and mentally prepare for the next day, using your travel time on the bus to learn a new language, setting your bedtime 15min earlier to get more rest?

When we luff ourselves, not only will we feel better, but it is likely that our chances of attracting the external factors we seek will naturally be higher too! Potato hopes that you will luff yourself more and that lots of good things will come your way. Giant Luff and Hugs from Potato! <3

~Giveaway Results: The winners have been contacted and confirmed! It took a while to announce the winners as Potato had to confirm if all the winners' countries allowed shipping from Singapore. Potato sincerely thanks everyone who has taken part in the giveaway and hopes you will participate again in our future giveaways! The winners are as follows: Facebook-Aaron N., Sophie C., Irene B., Twitter- Psiderman, Instagram- elcreatorette, brandonhohshengvern, isabella.apple_, __.mizcezannjuliet.__,  Website Subscribers- Nicole Q., Yi Kai C., Shaun F, LinkedIn- Jenny C.

Luff from Apple! Did you spot the hidden apples?