Peas of Mind

Peas of Mind

The Peas are back- with new technology! Read on to find out Potato's creator's inspiration for this comic.

Hi everyone! Potato's creator here. Do you love the peas?

One day many years ago when I was very young, I was being a nuisance at home when my mum finally lost her patience and shouted " Give me some peace!"

Apparently, I then opened the fridge, took out some green peas and innocently gave them to her. Up till this day it is still a family joke, and the inspiration for this series of unpeasful peas.

Lastly, you can follow this Google drive link to download the header image (Banana Boat + Pea Boat) as a desktop wallpaper!

We hope you enjoy the antics of this little peas and do share with us any funny exPEAriences you may have had too! Let's spread the happeaness!