Reverse April Fools

Reverse April Fools

Every year, Mushroom gets pranked mercilessly by Potato... What will happen this time? Mushroom is very wary.

From the web.
Mushroom is still polite enough to say hello.
ok cool
Potato is s h o o k

Looks like Mushroom didn't have to do anything to get revenge.

Let's take a look at Potato's past April Fools adventures...

Fool's Gold
Mushroom wannabe
Mushroom spent one hour looking at a GIF.

Perhaps next year it will be Mushroom's turn to prank Potato. Potato reminds you to be extra careful and vigilant today~ if you are planning to be the prankster, always remember safety first! Happy April Fools and lots of luff and hugs from Potato and friends <3