Ring Toss World Championships

Ring Toss World Championships
An intense battle for the honour and glory of the coveted title of Ring Toss World Champion.

Finally, after the baby tomatoes, baby potatoes and baby peas have ALL settled down for a nap, the Onion Rings heave a sigh of relief and enjoy some peaceful TV time...

Part 3 of Onion Ring Adventures

The TV which keeps birthing sporting inspiration
The Onion Rings have unknowingly been influenced by the babies

Let's hope the Onion Rings win the next Ring Toss Championship!

Bufftus has some wise words of encouragement for you <3

Tough times don't last, Tough potatoes do! Bufftus from Plantopia would like you to know that you are stronger than you think. Although Bufftus is unable to give you a physical hug (due to its spiky exterior), Bufftus would like to transfer you strength to overcome anything you may be facing. Air hug! Luff and hugs from Potato and friends <3