Hear Potato SINGING..???


Hear Potato SINGING..???
Shine Bright like a....

Read till the end to hear Potato sing!

Potato would like you to know that we are all shiny in our own ways. Some potatoes are naturally shiny on the outside, but all potatoes have their shininess from within.

Mushrooms are shiny too!

You can download shiny potato and mushroom wallpaper from this link:

SHINY - Google Drive

Here's a GIF of shiny potato! Potato has hit 653million views on GIPHY. Thank you to all potatoes for using the GIFs! shyblush


Finally, the mystery we have all been waiting for- a singing Potato! https://youtu.be/eNKrZTbMd30

Potato wishes you a very shiny week ahead and may you shine bright like a potato!