What comes after Plantopia?

Potato is super excited to share that we are currently working on the NEXT board game!

What comes after Plantopia?

*waves excitedly* Hello! Potato has some exciting news to share today! For context, Plantopia is a card game launched end 2020 based on Life of a Potato in collaboration with local board game designer Daryl Chow from Origame who made the game mechanics. We launched the game on Kickstarter and it was the number one trending Kickstarter project in the world on the last day of our campaign! The game can still be purchased online and in local stores islandwide including some NTUCs and board game shops.

Potato is super excited to share that we are currently working on the NEXT board game! Like Plantopia, it is a collaboration with Daryl from Origame who does the game mechanics. It will take quite some time before the official launch as we will be playtesting the prototype and making revisions to ensure players have a whale of a time, but we have some sneak peeks for you to sea today!

Boots the kitty eyes the fishes hungrily.

Potato designed these stickers to be pasted on the cards for our prototype. Potato guesses that you might be more interested in Boots the kitty than the stickers, so here's what happened. When Potato knocked on the door, Boots appeared and waited together. When the door opened, Boots entered first and made itself at home. Apparently, Boots is a frequent visitor at Daryl's house. Boots later settled down on Potato's lap for a few rounds of playtesting.

A smol sneak peek of tentative game artwork

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks in the future!

Also, Kiwi makes an appearance again...

Kiwi can't believe how fast time flies.

Kiwi is s h o o k! I am sure there are many of us who feel just like Kiwi does. Can you believe 2022 is as far away from 2000 as 1978? How time flies! Potato would like to remind you to live in the present and not constantly worry about the future which has yet to come. Time will pass no matter what, so let's try to actually live each experience now. Life is not about "clearing" moments and waiting for the next thing.  If we live that way, before we know it, we would have "cleared" all our moments without actually living them. For example, many of us potatoes spend our days, weeks, months waiting for the next break/vacation. Then during the vacation our minds are still plagued with what needs to be done once the vacation ends, when we will get the next break, and so on. That's not good for our mental health!

A possible step we can take is to try to give sincere attention to our quality of doing, be it work, walking somewhere, or typically mundane activities like household chores. When you wash your hands, write on a paper, fold your clothes, use your senses to feel the experience- the sounds, textures etc. Observe if there is any conditioned resistance within you and see if it is possible to let go of it and accept the moment as it is. Often, we are so immersed in thinking and worry that the present moment is obscured. We subconsciously believe we have to get somewhere, or achieve something, before we can be at peace, but that is not true- we can try now, wherever we are, at this moment.

Potato has been trying to learn about being present and hopes to share more with you in the future. Potato and friends wish you a wonderful week ahead! You are awesome. Luff and hugs!