When you immerse a carrot in water

When you immerse a carrot in water
This is what happens when you immerse a carrot in water.

Mer-carrot says hi! Potato hopes you enjoy this sneak peek of a beautiful swimming Carrot. Stay tuned and look out for Mer-carrot and more superpower friends in Seatopia, the next board game that Potato is developing after Plantopia!

Speaking of Plantopia, we have discovered a new plant species! It thrives on sunlight and love. The Ukraine Sunflower is a free-to-download print-and-play card you can add to your garden in Plantopia. Our thoughts are with Ukraine and all those in the world who are having a hard time and we hope for peace for everyone. If you already have Plantopia, you can print and cut out the Ukraine Sunflower to add to your deck here (scroll down a little after clicking the link): https://www.origame.co/plantopia

The in-game effect of the Ukraine Sunflower is 1 Rainbow Leaf per Sun weather icon in your garden.

Part 2 of Adventures with Onion Rings

Do you remember our previous comic where the onion rings were used as gymnastics practice hoops by the baby tomatoes and potatoes? Well, the onion rings are very relieved that the babies are pooped after all that activity and taking a nap, and relishing in this moment of relaxation...

But now, another group of babies....

The couch can only hold 3 peas
Don't rejoice too soon
Hard work and teamwork makes the dream work

As Potato's creator mentioned the previous time, inspiration for the un-peaceful baby peas came from when Potato's creator was very young and her mother shouted to "GIVE ME SOME PEACE" as Potato's creator was being naughty. Potato's creator went to the fridge and gave mum some green peas.

Potato hopes you enjoy Potato's comics and stay tuned for the next round of competitive food gymnastics!

Luff from Potato! *w*