Which Mushie are you?

Which species of mushie are you? Mushroom invites you to find out!

Which Mushie are you?
What species of Mushie are you? Find out here!

Hi, everyone! The star of today's post is Mushroom. But you're a Mushie too! Mushroom would like you to pick a number from 1-10 to find out what species of Mushie you are. By the way, we have included a bonus mushie in the options that is not on our social media, and Mushie wallpaper for your phone and desktop!

Share your results with your fellow mushies! Don't forget to get your free Mushie wallpaper through the link below or save the images directly!

Which Mushie are you? - Google Drive
Wallpaper for your desktop from Mushroom and Potato
Wallpaper for your phone from Mushroom and Potato

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