You're going to sleep? HELLO

Embarrassing Moment From 10 Years Ago has been living in Potato's mind rent-free.

Can you relate? If this happens to you, it may be comforting to know that you are definitely not alone. Often, we replay scenes in our mind from the past where we did something embarrassing or messed up and wish we could change things. Potato would like to remind you that many of us tend to overthink and often things are not as bad as it seems. A lot of our worries end up not happening at all.

If you are constantly worrying about how others view you, remember most people are already preoccupied with their own lives- they are also facing their own worries and maybe replaying their own embarrassing moments in their mind!

When we are worried about a situation that has not happened, we can divide our worries into 2 categories- things within our control and things beyond our control. For the first category, we can plan ahead and anticipate how we will handle the possible situations. And for things beyond our control, recognise that worrying unnecessarily is destructive to our well-being and takes away the present moment from us. If it helps, we can say a prayer for the things we cannot control. Focus on what we can do, take a slow breath and feel the present moment. After all, life is always now! Luff and hugs from Potato *w*